What is ODYSSEA?

ODYSSEA   is   a   4-year   project   funded   by   the   European   Community within   the   MSCA   RISE   action   in   the   frame   of   the   Horizon   2020 porgramme   financially   supporting   European   mobilities   to   Brazil.   It gathers    various    Brazilian    and    international    networks    to    better respond   the   challenges   of   sustainable   development   to   support public    and    expert    federations    policies    on    social,    health    and environment   questions   in   Amazonas.   This   skills   pool   is   a   unique opportunity   to   capitalize   knowledges   and   how-know   concerning the     diferent     factors     on     environment-society     interactions     in Amazonas.    ODYSSEA    is    built    around    35    bilateral    cooperation research projects between Europe and Brazil .

Towards normalized

observation and tools

While    maintaining    the    interrested teams’     intellectual     property,     to explore          retrospectively          the interactions   between   environment and   society   and   their   evolution   in the   last   decades   based   on   social, health   and   environmental   data   and public   policies.   From   this   analyse, to   suggest   an   harmonization   of   the observations   for   the   future   in   view to sustain the observatory.

Synthesis products

To      turn      the      achievments      of knowledges     and     observation     on the     diferents     observatory     sites       into    useful    products    to    elaborate policies      which      integrate      social, environmental,    economic,    human health    dimensions        and    able    to promote            the            populations adaptation   in   the   frame   of   a   quick environment change. 

Training and social learning

To    reinforce    the    researchers    and students   training   by   the   research, the     how-know     transfer     through workshops     and     conferences     to enhance   the   interactions   between researchers       with       the       society (including     the     local     populations) and    setting    up    information    and tools       available       alongside       the decision-makers     and     users,     and the   profissionals’   training   in   order to       use       these       tools       during conferences and summer schools.
NEWS: The third ODYSSEA meeting took place in Bélem at EMBRAPA Amazonia Oriental from 27th to 29th September  2017 and gathered more than 50 Brazilian and European participants More
Objectives and Expected Results
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Observatory of the dynamics of interactions between societies and environnement in the Amazon
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The project Leading to this application has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and innoovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska
Curie grant agreement No 691053
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